The first of many...

March saw our first ever AGM which was held at Sama Bankside with all of our staff attending.

The purpose was to review where we are, where we are going, give a chance for staff to contribute more, provide feedback, and engage in some fun team-building activities.

The day was chaired by Alan Ramsay, and was a real success in clarifying our company vision, introducing some new and improved procedures and getting down and dirty with some team bonding!

Confirming our ‘Service First’ approach

The day kicked off with a discussion led by our Managing Director, Jamie Godman, on our Company Vision, Mission and Culture.  It focused on approach, the service we give our clients, and how we treat each other, as well as giving an overview of the real success stories of the year.

We followed this up by a team game designed to clarify ‘who does what’ in our organisation, and what each persons responsibilities are.

ASR Blue Scheme – Ensuring we are pushing the boundaries of Training and Personal Development

Next saw an interesting talk by our HR, IT and Administration Director, Suzanne Adams, on our massive training achievements this year which saw us push to the next level.  She also introduced our training plan for the upcoming year, revised and clearer KPIs for all staff, and the methodology for providing real time KPI performance updates throughout the year.

Suzie followed this up with a team building exercise: ‘The Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower Challenge’.  I have been asked not to put up pictures of the outcome for fear of no one ever letting us build anything again!

The Lighthouse Charity – Protecting Mental Health in Construction


We were delighted to have Tom McConkey from The Lighthouse Charity give a discussion on the work that the charity do to support construction workers with their mental health and finances.  He introduced an app which our staff can download on their phones which allows them to get support at any time and any place.

A game to get to know our colleagues was next where we all learnt some interesting and unusual facts about each other.  A surprising incite!

Introducing ASR to Letsbuild!


As part of our continued professional development, Siavash Esmaeili introduced our improved project management app, Letsbuild.  This will streamline communication from site and make it easier to be more program focused.  It will also make reporting back to the client easier and more accurate.


Who are our salespeople?


After lunch, we had a lively talk from our Sales and Key Account Manager, Claudio Cannas, on defining our service and sales approach, as well as our individual responsibilities.

This was followed by a final activity: the Ramsay version of ‘Would I lie to you?’ which seemed to be a highlight for most.  I am not sure I can look directly in the eye of our own Ash Irving-Wilkinson again!

To Conclude

Jamie finalised the day by summarising the main points and looking ahead to a really exciting year for our Group, as well as upcoming projects, production improvements across the board, and more opportunities for all of our staff.  What a great day!


Jessica Godman