One of the most significant changes that contractors have had to adapt to is the implementation of safety protocols. Covid-19 has prompted strict safety measures in the construction industry to ensure that workers are safe on sites. This includes providing workers with personal protective equipment, regular testing, and social distancing measures. While these measures can be time-consuming and costly, they have helped to ensure that job sites remain safe and productive.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Another significant impact that the pandemic has had on the construction industry is the disruption to the supply chain. With the pandemic causing production shutdowns and supply chain disruptions globally, the availability of construction materials has been severely affected. This has led to huge increased prices and extended lead times, making it more challenging for contractors to complete projects on time and within budget.

Remote Work

The pandemic has forced many industries to adopt remote work, and the construction industry is no exception. Remote work has become more prevalent in the industry, with many contractors working from home or remote locations. This shift has been possible because of technology, which has made it easier to manage projects remotely. However, remote work can also make it challenging to manage workers on job sites, leading to communication issues and delays.

Increased Demand for Outdoor Spaces

With indoor activities restricted, many people have turned to outdoor activities, resulting in an increased demand for outdoor spaces. This trend has led to an increase in construction projects that focus on outdoor spaces, such as decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens. The demand for outdoor spaces has provided a unique opportunity for contractors to expand their services and offer new types of projects.

Shift in Priorities

The pandemic has also shifted priorities for many homeowners and businesses. Many people are now focusing on improving the functionality of their homes and offices, which has led to an increase in remodelling projects. With more people spending time at home, the demand for home offices, gyms, and entertainment spaces has also increased.


The pandemic has had a profound impact on the construction industry. Safety protocols, supply chain disruptions, remote work, increased demand for outdoor spaces, and a shift in priorities are just a few of the changes that contractors have had to adapt to in the last two years.  The most significant impact to the industry in some ways has been the base costs increasing significantly.  Materials and labour industry wide have become harder to get, and the additional hygiene and management requirements mean that the base cost of completing a project for us has significantly increased.  The effect of this of course, is that tender prices have increased, and clients are finding their budgets insufficient to proceed in many cases.  This has presented challenges for us as a contractor, but has definitely ‘sharpened up’ the industry.  A S Ramsay we have used this as a catalyst to expand our services and really focus on to changing customer needs and value for money.   Whether it’s working hard to reduce off site costs whilst maintaining service with intelligent reporting and CRM systems, or spending more time fixing our base line costs for longer, we strive to work alongside our clients to deliver their projects.

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