About A S Ramsay

The A S Ramsay Group are award-winning building contractors based in London and the South East, providing specialists for your sector of the industry. Having over three decades of experience within construction, ASR have built a reputation by focusing on their core value, which is for all staff to have a ‘service first’ approach focused on our clients requirements.

A S Ramsay Block

THE go-to building contractor for property managers who want stress free major works with proactive communication for their residents.

A S Ramsay Commercial

THE go-to building contractor for commercial clients, who require practical advice and confidence in the delivery of their project.


A S Ramsay Fire & Security

THE go-to building contractor for residential and commercial property managers, who need their buildings compliant with fire and security regulations.

30 Years of Experience

Established in 1992 we have now been trading for over 30 years.

During that time, we have developed strict procedures for occupant liaison, careful planning and quality control to make us the first choice for many well-known clients throughout London and the Southeast. 

Trusted by our clients

We care about every property we work on and every client we work for.  Our mobile construction CRM system allows us to communicate from our sites remotely and in real time, ensuring we maintain our reputation as proactive communicators, and clients are never left guessing.

Striving to be the best; A S Ramsay takes Continued Professional Development very seriously.  As part of that, we have developed and implemented our bespoke RED (Quality Assurance) and BLUE (Training) schemes which help set us apart from our industry competitors and build trust with our clients.


This scheme sets out clear and concise procedures from initial enquiry, throughout the duration of a project right up to our aftercave service.  It helps us to standardise what we do and carefully monitor performance. 

Features include:

  1. Weekly site manager reports which include program updates, work records and evidence of complance.
  2. Monthly reports, financial statement and resident update letters from the Production Director.
  3. Access to our CRM System giving a real time view of your project allowing remote instruction, signoff and consulting.


We can only provide the best service by investing in our team.  Our Blue Scheme defines how we train our people to be the best, and support each other to develop as professionals and individuals.

We ensure that our staff operate in an open, concise and clear way, focusing on excellent communication with our clients, and striving to deliver above expectations while promoting our vision to everyone.