Artillery Mansions, Westminster

First Port

Internal Common Part Refurbishment

Artillery Mansions is a site comprising 7 residential mansion blocks

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  • The modernisation of dated common parts comprising 10 staircases with 9 floors and interlinking lobbies in each.

  • Transformation of the functional reception area into a entrance befitting of the building and its history.

  • Maintenance of safe access into and out for the residents during the works.

  • Construction of new office facilities for the porters, including a bespoke reception desk with integrated lighting, security systems and monitoring CCTV.

  • Setting up an accessible and liveable temporary accommodation for a 24hr concierge service while refurbishment works took place.


  • Constructed a temporary log cabin for the concierge to use for the duration of the works.

  • Fully refurbished the common areas including the replacement of all carpets, full redecoration, lighting and emergency lighting and communal door ironmongery.

  • Supplied and fitted fire and block signage as well as bespoke signage.

  • Supplied and installed an automated sliding rear entrance door.

  • Refitted the concierge welfare areas including new shower and WC facilities, a new kitchen and messing area with improved lighting and ventilation systems.

  • Remodeled the reception area manufacturing new bespoke alcoves, redesigning the lighting system, installing new white stone flooring over acoustic insulation, and supplying and installing a polished plaster finish to the walls.

  • Installed a large bespoke timber desk finished in antique French polish to match the bespoke doors to reception area.

  • Supplied and fitted fire and block signage as well as bespoke signage.


  • The rationalisation of the concierge facilities ensured that access into and out of the building could be managed easier.

  • The emergency lighting was made compliant with current regulations.

  • The lighting was improved and the use of LED fittings reduced overall energy efficiency and costs.

  • The reception desk provided a focal feature for the main entrance way and lifted the feel of the block to match previous external refurbishments.

  • The common parts and stairwells are now lighter, cleaner and modern whilst maintaining subtle traditional features, such as the building’s military history.

Having worked with A S Ramsay for a number of years almost exclusively on residential mansion block major works projects, we were confident in their ability to deliver at Artillery Mansions. They understand that they are in the ‘service’ business rather than just ‘contracting’ and the end product was exceptions.

Shaun Harris MRICS