Dallington Square, London

Burlington Estates

Replacement Communal Lighting

9a Dallington is a block of residential apartments

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  • To replace 27 existing, inefficient 2D florescent bulkhead light fittings throughout the communal area, to improve light quality and reduce energy costs.

  • To make communal area brighter and more modern.

  • To install LED maintenance free light fittings.


  • Our first task was to install two of our data monitoring devices – one positioned in the main entrance and the other positioned for the corridor/stairwells. Devices were installed for ten days collecting relevant data based on how long lights are on for in relation to how often movement was detected.

  • It was found that by using sensor-controlled lighting in these areas, we were able to reduce the energy consumption of the lighting by 77%, saving a total of approx. 225,894 kWh over 5 years. This amounts to a cost saving of £47K (based on energy pricing being around the £0.15 / k Wh)!

  • For carbon footprint reduction, we estimate a total reduction of around 57,800 kg worth of CO2 could be saved.

  • All existing light fittings were removed and safely disposed from site.

  • 27 new modern, stylish fittings were installed – 13 of which had an integrated emergency pack to ensure total safety.

  • New fittings were equipped with occupancy sensors to ensure they are only lit when necessary, along with 10% dimming function when no occupancy is detected. This reduced the energy consumption to an absolute minimum while the building benefitted from never being in total darkness.


  • Existing light fittings were successfully replaced with a new modern looking fitting.

  • The request for a more energy efficient fitting was achieved with occupancy sensor and 10% dimming.

  • Emergency lighting was installed ensuring compliance with current regulations and all work NICEIC certified.

  • The common parts are now brighter and more modern looking.

I cant wait to present to the client as I’m sure they will be thrilled with the savings. The lighting is now all in keeping which was an issue the client had previously so not only do the internals look better, they are also benefitting from huge savings. Thank you so much for your help and support and I look forward to you surveying the other buildings in my portfolio!

Chloe Dowling MIRPM